Channel Partners

Brandable. Flexible. Unbeatable.

SIRVIR was built from the groud up to fulfill the needs of our channel partners. Whether you're a tiny one-person website design company who's just starting out or a fast-growing hosting firm looking to add bare-metal and virtual servers to your product line, SIRVIR has a partnership program that's likely just right for you.

  • Three levels of Channel Partners to choose from: Referral, Affiliate or Reseller.
  • No signup fees, minimum orders or commitment levels to maintain.
  • Earn monthly recurring revenue from most products and services we offer.

To become a SIRVIR Channel Partner, simply register as a SIRVIR client and then order the services you need as you need them. We'll provide you with a confidential reseller discount on all products and serivces you purchase through SIRVIR.

Reseller Partner

Private-label and resell SIRVIR services as your own.

All of SIRVIR's product and service offerings were designed to give you the ability to private-label and resell them under your own brand. SIRVIR is all but completely invisible to your end-user clients. SIRVIR becomes your datacenter partner providing all of the necessary equipment and tier-2 support.

The SIRVIR Reseller Channel Partner Program is geared toward new or existing hosting and web design firms who bill, manage and support their own end-user clients. As a SIRVIR Reseller Channel Parter you have the responsibility and flexibility of:

  • Private-labeling servers and hosting products.
  • Setting your own prices and features.
  • Billing and managing your own clients.
  • Providing tier-1 support for your clients.

Additionally, you'll recieve a generous reseller discount on all SIRVIR hardware resold by your company. Becoming a SIRVIR Reseller Partner carries the greatest potential for financial reward, but it also carries a much greater responsibility on the the part of the reseller. Be sure to read SIRVIR's Terms of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Use Policies (AUP).

Affilitate Partner

Advertise SIRVIR to your clients, club or membership organization via your existing websites and earn an ongoing monthly commission.

Do you have an existing client base, club or membership organization or a popular blog site or advertising media who might be interested in SIRVIR's products and services? Your company or organization can earn residual monthly commissions by becoming a SIRVIR Affiliate Partner.

Simply place one or more of our high-quality banner ads on your site. Each ad will click through to the SIRVIR website using your unique affilitate ID. You'll earn a commission based on everthing your clients order from SIRVIR.

And best of all, signing up as a SIRVIR affiliate is free!


Referral Partner

Earn a generous one-time credit on your SIRVIR account for referring new clients.

If your company purchases services directly from SIRVIR, you can earn a one-time credit on your account simply by referring others to SIRVIR. When your referral signs up, they enter your name or company name in the "Refrrer By" field of the signup form. You'll earn a credit equal to your referral's full first month's billing!